Monday, 13 May 2013

Pizza Party!

Friday night signalled Pizza night here, with the five of us gathering at Moffat's house armed with bags of pizza toppings and a selection of cookies for dessert.  I'm on a bit of a money saving streak at the moment so homemade dinner and movies sounded like the way to go!  
 Moffat and John bothered Leanne, and Gordon and I kept a close eye on the oven timer...whilst stuffing ourselves with flatbread and mozarella sticks of course.
The kitchen table held many goodies...John got working on a meat feast pizza, Gordon made a baked beans and cheese one (which was rather weird) and then Moffat made four more.  Which we didn't quite manage to finish...
...although we did find room for cookies.  Obviously.  (Dodgy looking arrangement courtesy of Moffat)

Did everyone else have a fab weekend?



  1. Looks delicious - and how good value is that salami selection thing?! Will have to look out for those!

  2. Oh pizza making is always something I manage to fit into the guides holidays, it's always hilarious to see how some of them turn out. I really fancy pizza now, it's been ages since I had a pizza!

  3. Who said people in a money saving streak can't have a fun and fab weekend? Homemade pizzas and movie marathons are also the ways to go for me and my friends. Everyone brings their favorite toppings and we just toss everything into the dough. Luckily, we always end up with well-blended flavors. Haha! Carlene Boley


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