Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Playing with Pic Monkey

I clearly had too much time on my hands last night when I uploaded my latest batch of 'random walk' pictures to the laptop.  An hour on PicMonkey later, I'd tested all the effects and messed about putting writing samples on my favourites.  I don't usually bother editing my pics but I may be changing my mind - there's so many cool ways to improve them, a tiny bit or dramatically.  Either way, I'm hooked.
Here's the original photo - quick background info, I went a walk in the field behind my mums house which is the former site of a pre-school (mine, twenty four years ago!).  Nosiness had finally got the better of me and I had to see if there was anything left of it - I remember vaguely the cafeteria building being there when we moved to the street but the main building was long gone.  Turns out the cafeteria is too, all that remains are these steps in the middle of the overgrowth.
Which is your favourite?  I love the Boost one - it reminds me of a vintage, summery postcard!



  1. Oh I have never really given any time or thought to altering my photos, they just end up how they are..But I like the look of some of these, maybe I should play around with the effects..

  2. I love Picmonkey! Your effects are fabulous! x

  3. I've only just discovered Picmonkey after Alex told me about it. So tempted to use it ALL the time now.

    I haven't seen how you get the top one though - the polaroid looking one? Need to do some more investigating!

    1. Ooh I think the Polaroid one was in a different section, can't remember now... maybe the one under effects? :)

  4. They are cool! I've messed about with Picmonkey before but never really had a proper 'go; of it. Those effects are amazing. I love the top polaroid one :)

  5. I love the first one. I've used picmonkey before but only for making collages xxx

  6. ok, these are awesome, I need to get my ass down to pic monkey


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