Thursday, 16 May 2013

This Week I... all crafty and learned how to make friendship bracelets (using this tutorial)!  How did I not know how to do this before?  At school they were all the rage but we all made plaited ones (because they were quick and easy most likely!).  This took a few hours of knotting but I had some films to watch so it was a good way to spend the evening.  I'm calling it the 'Good Morning Vietnam' bracelet in tribute!
...ate a lot of yummy food, went walking in the rain, chickened out of going down an awesome slide in favour of a dry butt, found fabby DRINKS WITH HATS in M&S and finished re-reading the first Dark Materials book.  The second one sure is dragging more than I remember...
dress - M&S (here)
Converse - gift
Necklace - remade from keyring
...wore mostly work clothes, since I did an extra shift this week in order to get tomorrow off - guess who's going to hang out with Sarah Rooftops in Glasgow?!  That would be me...
tshirt - New Look Tall (here)
jeans - Long Tall Sally (here)
...wore non work clothes to go a walk, and inadvertently dressed the same as Leanne.  Right down to the cap sleeves on our tshirts.  Great minds...  Although her tshirt has a super cool Superman logo and mine is boring.  Or neutral, shall we say ;)



  1. Oh i used to love making those friendship bracelets!

  2. Ha I used to make those friendship bracelets too! I used to make some really complicated massive ones, I'm intrigued to see if I still remember how to!

  3. I really want to make friendship bracelets now! x

  4. So jealous that you and Sarah are hanging out! Can I come?!?!

    1. Pfft obviously! Although I'd much rather come to your part of the world...we were surprised to see the sun today! :)


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