Thursday, 23 May 2013

This Week I...

 ...took a notion for tattie scones and green tea.  And I got sweets at a cool shop Leanne and I found on one of our walks.  We had walked eight miles so it was a good reward.
 ...tried some fun new angles with my camera.  This is my rather messy bedside table...  I also finally finished The Subtle Knife, it got better near the end.
 ...realised bobbles get more tangled up the more bracelets you wear.  But they're so useful and hard to lose round my wrist!
...tried to take pictures of my fun new hairdo (milkmaid braids, which I somehow managed to get to stay up all day) - not all of them worked...

...launched a new blog with Sarah and Andrea, go take a look!



  1. Ooh, a new blog? Yay!
    Not that I even want to log into bloglovin' at the moment,the number of unread posts is crazy!
    Love the braids, I wish I was more adventurous with my hair.

  2. Mmm, love green tea and tatties scones. And sweets...especially after an 8 mile walk! Your hairdo is awesome, I'd love to do more with my hair but (a) its kind of fine yet thick at the same time, and (b) I can never be bothered because my arms get sore and I end up getting annoyed with it.

    And ooh, that new blog looks cool ;)

  3. Love the braids! And I'm so happy that my three favourite Scottish bloggers have teamed up.

  4. Love your plaits and glasses. I want tea now! Mmmmm, tea...

    Liz xx
    Distract Me Now Please


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