Monday, 17 June 2013

A little bit of house history...

I went to see my brothers new house this weekend - correction, I went there at the end of my run to use the shower (Mother only has a bath and I can't deal with that after sweating) and decided I had to return a few hours later with my camera.  He and his girlfriend have stripped the whole place back, so I wanted to capture some of the old features before they're gone in a wave of modernization.  I was offered the dressing table above but I've no space for it, gutted. 
My mum was horrified when they painted the kitchen cabinets black but I thought it was cool - they've opened the kitchen up a bit so it's nice and light now, which helps balance the dark paintwork.
This was found under the wallpaper in one of the downstairs bedrooms, along with various other writings.  It reads 'At this time The Monkees were at No 1 with I'm a Believer' - in the UK this was in January 1967!
The previous owner had a collection of model trains upstairs so one of the rooms was filled with shelving and old units.  That's where I found the below treasure...
 A Tesco bag from 1981!  I love old stuff like this, especially since I had no clue Tesco was that old!
This bench belonged to the previous owners mum so we're guessing it's rather old.  Michael is planning to restore it eventually, but it's a nice wee feature in the half-knocked-down garden at the moment though.

I gave Mic my compact camera so hopefully I can post a few updates from time to time.  I like seeing how it's all coming apart before being pulled back together!



  1. I LOVED seeing these pictures! And the black cabinets are totally awesome. It's so fascinating, getting little clues about the people who lived in places before us - I took photos of all the bits of old wallpaper I uncovered doing my place up. :)

  2. That graffiti is brilliant! There's a Tesco local to me that still has the original red sign, talk about a timewarp. Shame you can't find room for the dressing table, it's lovely! x

  3. This is so cool! Makes me excited to have a house and maybe find cool things like this :)

  4. I would LOVE a house like that. Such a shame you couldn't take the dressing table, it's awesome.


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