Thursday, 13 June 2013

A trip to Glasgow Necropolis

Last week I paid a visit to the Glasgow Necropolis when I was looking for a way to kill some time before seeing Populaire (which was sweet and very French).  It was rather amazing.  For anyone that's not been, the Necropolis is the cemetery behind Glasgow Catherdral, another place I've somehow not been.  I'm not sure how it took me this long to visit but it was fantastic - there was so much to look at, not least the view of Glasgow from the top of the hill.
I had such a hard time choosing which picture to use on Three Coasts, everywhere I turned there was another perfectly framed moment just waiting to be captured.  I love how that one turned out though, it's probably my favourite of the bunch.
This turned out to be the back of the Glasgow Royal Infirmary - it was immense!

Has anyone been?  Besides Craig and Mila anyway ;)



  1. The Necropolis is cool, I haven't been there for quite a while but it's definitely worth a visit. Did you know there are deer that live there too?

  2. Wow! I can totally see why you struggled to pick one!


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