Thursday, 6 June 2013

Challenge 18 & 19

Challenge 18 - Have an internet-free weekend.
This one wasn't hard to do since we took the cubs to camp this past weekend.  It was so exhausting I barely had time to glance at my phone before I rolled into bed at night.  But fun, lots of fun!  We had a campfire, learned canoeing, archery, climbing high ropes and various other things, and the boys taught me a vast array of rude songs and how to make a tree fort.  Who says learning stops when you leave school? ;)
Challenge 19 - Hang something new on the wall.
This one involved some slight cheating since I live in a rented place and shouldn't really be hanging stuff on walls...  My friend donated her old desk to me last week so I moved my noticeboard on top of it and made a sort of background to gaze at when I'm procrastinating over getting stuff done.  A rare occurence, obviously.



  1. Wow, cub camp - that's hardcore! Sounds ace fun though, I love going on camp with school even though it's insanely hard work.


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