Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Deeper into the Scottish wilderness...

Remember that time Leanne and I went exploring in the woods?  We said we'd go again when the weather got nicer, and take a picnic with us.  Well, the weather didn't really get nicer, but we made plans for another trip down anyway, dragging along Kirsty and some rather fancy sparkly juice from M&S (I was pretending to be posh, which was slightly ruined by the two giant bags of crisps I bought at the same time...).  It was a bit overcast but warmish, so I managed to get my shoes off and have a paddle in the shallow pool above the waterfall.  Funnily enough, no-one joined me...
 We found a tree covered in carvings - this one was from 1975!
Now we're just waiting for the nice weather to return so we can go another visit - the place is a real sun trap when the clouds disappear!



  1. Lovely! Sparkly juice totally makes a person posh.

  2. Oooh love the old tree carving. I wonder if LB still loves JH :p My dad carved our names into a tree when we were wee, 1987 I think is the date on it. I haven't been for a few years though, we'll have to go have a look.


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