Sunday, 30 June 2013

Denim and stripes...

shirt - New look Tall (here)
vest - Topshop
trousers - River Island
shoes - M&S (here)
necklace - New Look
I'm really loving my striped trousers this weather - they're great for those windy-but-not-quite-cold days when you don't really feel like exposing your legs...  I wore them to Glasgow last week and on the way back a random guy on the train complimented me - which was nice since he was smiling at me in a slightly creepy way before that!  (I'm suspicious of everyone, such a terrible trait.)
I decided I need to start wearing jewellery again.  This necklace is great for brightening up an outfit without overpowering it, perfect for my recent notions to wear nothing but the most casual of clothes everywhere...

I wore this yesterday to go shopping with Mother, then we drove back by a derelict cinema and she noticed people standing in the one window on show.  Cue me on the phone to Moffat, frantically trying to gain us entrance!  He got there before me and met the new owners and they gave us a tour of the ENTIRE PLACE!  It was a real stroke of luck, we're still on a high today.  The place used to be a cinema, then a bingo hall, then a nightclub, but it's been shut for about ten years.  The inside was insane, it was huge!  The club had an Egyptian theme so there were giant Tutankhamun heads on the walls and snakes on the balcony, it was so weird...  The cinema structure is still very much intact though, which we were pleased to see.  The new owners are looking to turn part of it into a restaurant at the moment, with a view to re-opening the cinema in a few years.  Obviously we're thrilled about that!  Moffat took some pictures so I'll try and get copies...



  1. So exciting to see inside the old cinema!

  2. The cinema sounds amazing, I hope you can get some pictures I'd love to see them.

  3. I love those trousers too!

    The cinema sounds really cool, hope you manage to get some photos!


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