Sunday, 16 June 2013

Faff Favourites

I visited the Riverside Museum in Glasgow again this week and got soaked several times that day - why couldn't the architects have been considerate enough to build it closer to the train line?  God.  (More pictures in this post if you really want to explore more!)  It was fun though, especially the part where we went to the cinema to dry off see The Iceman afterwards.

I've been at Mother's this week so I found lots of lovely links to share!

50 Life Hacks to Simplify your World

The Power of Photography

Lizzie Bennett Diaries AND Friends!!!

24 People who are really nailing this parenting thing

Awesome things to do this summer - kinda like last years Super Summer!

Thinking of Original Ideas

Gorgeous vintage beach pictures!

I want to explore this old school and this resort in the Catskills

This blog post about running is genius (and all true)

50 Things That Look Just Like Your Childhood

I also guest posted about one of my wardrobe obsessions over on Sophie's blog this week - check it out!


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