Friday, 28 June 2013

Friday Films - Lately at the Movies...

These ones I watched at work - I wouldn't necessarily have gone to see World War Z but it wasn't the worst thing ever.  In fact I was vaguely interested in the story until it descended into stupidity in the second half.  Man of Steel was AMAZING.  Now, I'm not a huge superhero fan, and everyone else I've talked to about it has been all 'meh it was alright...' but I loved it.  The darkness, the visuals, the Smallville references...  Fab.  Despicable Me 2 was another great watch.  I'm not really a fan of kids movies either - having grown up in an era of Disney/Steven Spielberg epics, all the computerized froth that's served up these days doesn't really appeal.  Nor do the inevitable sequels.  But, ya know, I worship Steve Carell, and we've been playing the minion-heavy trailers forever at work ('I am the leagues director, Silas Ramsbottom.' 'Hehe, bottom.' *dead*), so I duly sat down and checked it.  Guys, it's really funny!  Gru dancing...I cracked up.  Any little thing the minions did...cracked up all over again.  But see it on a weekday, we were super busy and chock full with kiddies on Saturday :/
Ok yeah, I saw Gatsby for the third time.  And I would have seen it a fourth if we didn't drop it when WWZ was released.  It definitely grew on me, what a movie.  The Purge, on the other hand...  Definitely the biggest amount of sh*t I've seen in a while, what a stupid story and completely predictable execution.  The Admission, while not nearly as bad as The Purge, wasn't even in the region of good either.  Tina Fey in anything remotely dull seems unlikely but that's what happened - I couldn't even remember most of the movie by the time we left :/

Have you guys seen any of these?  Share your reviews!


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  1. I'm so looking forward to Despicable Me 2 - I have this idea that kids cartoon movies are always fluffy nonsense, because they were when we were little, but they keep on proving me wrong; there are so many really dark, bitter elements to a lot of them these days.


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