Wednesday, 12 June 2013

May in Books

Yeah...I only read three books last month.  All from the same series.  Well this will be a short review!  I read His Dark Materials years ago and completely fell in love with them - the adventure, the mystery, the multi-layered characters, the ending (OMGCRY!)...  I must admit I wasn't quite as bowled over the second time around.  I remembered hardly anything from my first read so a repetitive story wasn't the issue, it was more that the whole thing seemed a bit slow and plodding at points, especially in the second book, although I think that's true of a lot of trilogies.  It's still an amazing series though - Philip Pullman is far superior to a lot of Young Adult writers out there and has a great way of making everything sound intriguing and creating pictures in your head through his descriptions.  I probably won't read them again (in fact I gave my copies to a girl at work who had never heard of them, what?!) but I'm glad I gave them another read from an adult perspective.

Has anyone read His Dark Materials?  Or any other Philip Pullman books?  I loved The Broken Bridge too.

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  1. I remember reading these when I was about eleven or something, I loved them then. I have to give them another try!

  2. I read these a few years ago and absolutely adored them. I really want to read them again at some point.

  3. I just love this trilogy, and re-read Northern Lights often. I think I've only read the second and third books a couple of times though, not sure how well they would hold up going back to them now.

  4. These are on my to-read list but I've never got round to them. Not sure if they'd really be my thing but I felt like that with the Game of Thrones series, but I ended up loving it. I've heard so many good things about Philip Pullman.


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