Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Rowan Magazine 53

Santorini - Bubblegum - Kefalonia
Rather unusually for me, I recently bought Rowan knitting magazine.  Most of my patterns come from charity shops, eBay or Mother's stash, so buying a book of new ones seemed like a big extravagance treat!  I couldn't resist after I looked at the contents online though - look at all the pretty things you can make!  I love all the floral patterned bits and the sixties-esque graphic designs and the sweet candy-coloured sweaters.  

I want to swan around the garden in the floral t-shirt (sans weird looking sleeves) and go on movie dates in the polka dot sweater (to the drive-in in the 1950s obviously).  I want to sail my friend's boat in the nautical striped jumper and walk the beach with that zig-zag scarf wrapped around me.  I want to go to a wedding in the country in the floral cardigan and wear the block pattern vest with my vintage shorts and loafers whilst shopping at a farmers market.  What I actually NEED is to get my imagination in check apparently...
Lambretta - Beehive Wrap (free!) - Pixie
Did anyone else buy it?  Which are your favourite designs?


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  1. I've never bought Rowan magazine - like you I just buy second hand or use knitty or ravelry for free patterns. I love the look of some of these though, especially the striped one in the top middle :D


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