Saturday, 15 June 2013

This Week I...

 ...sat on the balcony after a nice wee walk with Leanne.  I didn't even mind going to work at night since I was all relaxed (and I correctly assumed it would be dead thanks to the weather :))

...ran outside twice!  For someone who used to be a terrible outside runner, I've been bitten by the bug lately.  It's far less boring when you've got mansions to look at and know you have to keep running since you're so far from home.
...visited my brothers new place.  He and his girlfriend have bought a house!  The pressure is now off me to be the mature one ;)  It's been completely stripped back but it's a great place, plenty of space thanks to the previous owner knocking two houses into one.

...broke my phone screen when it stopped working and I 'accidentally' hurled it at the wall.  I'm back to the old one - exactly the same but slower, wayhey... (hint, never trust HTC to give you a stress free phone experience.)
...looked up in a museum to see THIS staring back at me!  Bloody seagulls...

...sat in awe (and floods of tears) the whole way through Man of Steel.  It might be one of the best things ever.  I'm still trying to decide if it beats Les Miserables as my favourite movie this year...



  1. Bloody seagulls indeed. But, ooh, new house stuff... *squints at picture, imagining paint colours*

  2. That house looks cool!

    Well done with the running. I'm using lack of petrol as an excuse not to run...because it means I can't drive to the beach. I'm rubbish at running in the town - I feel too self conscious and I'm paranoid about meeting guys from my work, who I just know will take the piss :D


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