Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A day at the beach...

After last week's lovely weather I was looking forward to a day at the beach on Saturday.  Annoyingly the clouds and wind stayed in the vicinity but it wasn't too cold - I even had a dip in the sea, most unlike me! (and I mean properly in there, bikini completely wet and everything!)  It cooled down considerably at night but at least we had a great day in the warmth first.  That's the thing about Scotland, you must seize every opportunity for being outside without a coat!
I'm wearing charity shopped shirt and shorts and a bikini from Target.  It's the first time it saw daylight in ages!



  1. Oh I miss the beach. I had been spending almost every weekend by the sea until a few months ago and it's crazy how much I actually miss it.

  2. YES! The beach is exactly where to go when the weather is good. Love your photographs, they are cracking! Hurrah for donning bikinis :) x

  3. Lovely moody photos, though! Hooray for summer-ish.


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