Friday, 26 July 2013

A scary creative crafty insane challenge...

At the end of May Leanne and I were having a conversation about board games and I asked her if there was such a thing as Friends Trivial Pursuit (which we would both kick way better ass at than the real thing btw).  Turns out there isn't.  We also mourned the lack of Friends Monopoly, which sparked an idea in my head.  A pretty stupid but awesome one, as it turned out.  'What if,' I thought, 'there really WAS a Friends Monopoly?  I could make that right?  Can't be that hard...'  Ahem.  Famous last words...

Challenge 25 - Make something outside your cooking/crafting comfort zone
I'll start by pointing out that as a kid, I was super creative.  I drew constantly, wrote random nonsense stories, saved magazine clippings (still do that actually), painted - you name it, I probably dabbled with it.  The art supplies I owned were endless.  So really it's not surprising I was filled with confidence over making a Monopoly game.  I found a set in a charity shop (from the year of Leanne's birth, a nice coincidence), bought some card and drawing pens and set to work.  And man, was it a tedious process.  BUT.  It was totally worth it cause she loved it, woohoo!
I bought a couple of packs of card from Tesco to cover the existing properties and remake them into 'Friends' themed ones - Monica and Rachel's place being the highest priced, Treeger's Workshop being the lowest (yeah there's some real random ones in there...)  I switched out the stations for ones featured in the episodes, including 'The Station with Joey's VD Poster', and the other properties became Ralph Lauren and Bloomingdales.  My personal favourite was changing Jail to 'The Little Jail Between The Doors' - I was rather smug about thinking that up!
The Community Chest and Chance cards changed to Chick and Duck cards, and the instructions on them took on a Friends theme ('The duck swallowed your grandmothers engagement ring.  Pay vets bills of £100.' etc).  The Go spot changed to the Coffee House.  Most of the playing pieces worked with the theme but I switched out a couple and replaced them with a coffee mug charm and a guitar one.  It's worth pointing out that I glued all the cards down with regular stick glue because I intended to cover the board with a clear, book cover type plastic, but I didn't like the way it looked so hopefully the bits will stay put for a while on their own!

The whole thing took much longer than I expected but it was nice to make something that stretched my creative muscles a bit.  Also Leanne is one of the biggest Friends fans ever to exist so it was also nice to give her 'merchandise' that she didn't already own!

Has anyone else made their own board game?



  1. We had an evening at Guides where the girls had to come up with their own board game ideas, which was quite fun. I was amazed at the range of ideas they came out with.
    I'm amazed there isn't a Friends Trivial Pursuit, I used to have a Friends quiz board game though.

  2. That is the most awesome game ever! Such a clever idea, I love the 'Joey's poster' station :)

  3. I'm super impressed, this is awesome. Well done you for getting it finished and making a great job of it. Have fun playing! X

  4. This is amazing!! It must have taken you ages but what a lovely gift to receive.

  5. This is great! I remember when my brother & I were kids we made a Father Ted board game for my Dad! It was pretty fun :)


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