Monday, 1 July 2013

Challenge 20, 21 & 22

Challenge 20 - Visit a local interest spot.
This one I did ages ago and forgot to tick off.  I live near the heart of Burns country so it wasn't hard to find a local interest spot...  Although I'd also like to count all the various places Moffat and I manage to explore!
Challenge 21 - Read a newspaper.
Yeah, I read about the news like, never...  I know, I'm a terrible human being.  I was handed this paper for free in WH Smith the other day so I gave it a quick read.  There was basically nothing in there that interested me except the Sudoku pull-out, I'll just stick to my books in future.
Challenge 22 - Have a picnic.
I wasn't sure this would happen thanks to the weather but we managed a wee picnic in the woods two weeks ago.  It wasn't sunny but it didn't rain and we had good food, that's pretty good going for an attempt at eating outside in Scotland...

I've actually done a few more but just need to find time to blog about them!  Don't worry, most are more interesting than the newspaper one ;)

(See here for the full list and an explanation!)


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  1. I'd have been worried if you'd found much to enjoy in the Mail...


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