Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Random Happenings...

I think this collage sums up summer just perfectly right now - warm and dreamy and outdoorsy and filled with people.  I went to Newcastle last week to a regional quiz through work - some of the questions were completely ridiculous so we did not win, but it was a good day out anyway.  We distracted ourselves on the seat-less, air-con-less journey home by playing the actor/movie game (each player starts with three lives.  One starts the game by naming a movie or actor, then the next player names a movie or actor relating to the first and so on.  If you pass you lose a life.  Being cinema employees we're pretty competitive about it!) then I got off at Edinburgh to hang out for a while.

Last weekend I went camping.  Outside!  In tents!  Without toilets!  It was a big step for me ;)  I also got creative with a friends birthday pressie and burned myself when I forgot to extend the sun cream to my hands.  Lesson learned...

Hope everyone's enjoying the lovely weather!

(p.s. I've got a new email address for the blog - find it on my Contact Me page.  I'm also faffing with the About Me page - if anyone can think of anything I should add let me know!)



  1. Love that you went proper camping - yay!
    I'm strating to plan our guide camp for the summer, we are going to the seaside!!! :)

  2. Ha ha, I love camping but never ever thought I would. I like my home comforts a lot, but its kind of fun to be without them for a (very) short while :)


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