Friday, 2 August 2013

A (birth) day in the life...

Wednesday was my 28th birthday.  Yup, I'm officially Late Twenties now.  I'm still waiting for some new found wisdom to surface.  In the meantime, I've been faffing around with some pictures I took, documenting my day on the 31st.  Same birthday as Harry Potter ya know :)
After waking up and showering comes the all important first meal of the day.  I'm incapable of sitting still for long so I ate, folded washing and watched the episode of The Office with Michael's birthday.  (I would OBVIOUSLY iron those tshirts if they weren't for the gym - life is too short to look anything other than 'just rolled out of bed' at the gym though.)
I'm also too lazy to do much in the way of grooming - my skin is completely terrible so I just leave it alone and apply eye make up and some lipstick.  And my hair gets brushed.  If it's lucky.
Obviously I need constant background noise.  My mum is never in the house without the TV on, I take the same approach with music.  After getting dressed I attempted to do what every other blogger seems to do so well - take a pic of my outfit in the mirror rather than faffing with the tripod.  GOD.  SO FREAKING DIFFICULT!  This was the best of the bunch, believe it or not... (fyi, I'm wearing a handmade top and New Look Tall shirt.)
I went a wander into town, which I didn't take pictures of because taking pictures in shops makes me feel like someone official will come along and confiscate my camera.  Or a fellow shopper will think 'what the faff is she doing taking pictures in a SHOP?  Weirdo.'  Ditto in restaurants, hence the huge lack of food pictures on this blog.
Wanna see what I got?!  I'd been eyeing up this M&S Limited Collection bag for at least six months so when I spotted it on the sale rail I knew it was coming home with me finally.  It was only a third off but a bargain anyway.  I'm so fussy about bags that I haven't bought one in years (excluding my super practical backpack of course), so it was time for a change.  I also got a couple of work tops in the charity shop - the sleeveless Tu one is perfect but the Monsoon one doesn't look right so it's going the way of eBay.  I'd heard good things about this Bodycare facial scrub and at 99p it was much cheaper than my usual St Ives one - it was a good day, bargain wise!
Next came my favourite meal of the day - lunch!  I treated myself to some M&S sushi (they never have any left when I usually go in, clearly going early is the key!) and a marzipan bar, then made a turkey and mozzarella sandwich.  I'm still undecided if I like sugar snap peas or not but I'm trying to eat at least one of my five a day this week so I tolerated them.
From my favourite lunch to my favourite recent activity - watching movies and knitting.  Actually that's a lifelong favourite activity, I've just picked it up again lately.  I'm on the third last colour of my Seed Stitch Wrap which is making me want to knit and knit to finish it!  I started watching Game of Thrones, which I'm quite liking so far, then I watched Insomnia and The Squid and The Whale.  The first was good, the latter was not.  I gotta stop watching indie movies, their smart arsed-nesss just annoys me sometimes. 
Mother was taking me, my brother and his girlfriend out for dinner so I got changed into something less scruffy (the second outfit here - once again my outfit-picture-taking failed...) and off we went to Frankie and Bennys.  It's somewhat of a birthday tradition that we go here, but I've not been overly impressed my past few visits.  They keep changing the menu and everything I've tried tastes a bit mass produced now, plus they seem to be fond of putting the prices up and cutting the portion sizes.  The chips were good though ;)  Chips are my favourite food in the world, in case you're interested.
Here we are pre dinner, having just noticed that our waiter looks a bit like Wolverine (less muscles though, boo).
Home!  With goodies!  Michael thoughtfully gave me some Ferrero Rocher chocolates 'wrapped' in an Asda bag, complete with receipt...
Pressies!  There were clearly some mixed messages when I asked Mother to ask Michael to get me a water bottle for running...  Although now I have one for my house and one for Mother's, yay.  I got a new camera lens (which will be going back unless I can get the macro part to work...), a ton of sweets and a knitting book, which I suspect Mother just fancied a look at.  Unsurprisingly, one of the Maoam Joystixx bags has been destroyed already.  I tested the lens zoom on my Simon's Cat calendar (20p in WH Smith last month!) and that part's working pretty well at least.  I headed to bed soon after, a reverse of the morning process basically, so I'll leave with you with a bonus shot of the magazine I found in Mother's car...
(She works for a farmer and is therefore maintaining it's not hers.  We got a huge laugh out of some of the chicken themed 'jokes' inside on the way home anyway...)



  1. OOh I have a dress made from the same robot fabric as your top -

  2. Happy belated birthday! Love these types of posts, I like having a nosey at what other folk do with their day. Loving the pressies, and I'm with you on the sugar snap peas thing, and definitely with you on the 'taking photos in shops and restaurants' thing.

    Ha ha, that chicken magazine looks awesome :)

  3. I'm glad to hear you had a great day. I particularly like the well wrapped fererro rocher!

  4. Happy (late) birthday! The multiple bags of Haribo look not unlike my annual birthday haul - my family know me oh so well.

  5. Yay! Glad you had a fab day. I'm with you on The Squid and the Whale (boring!), but not certain you'll actually like Frances Ha... It's a bit 90s arty...?


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