Monday, 19 August 2013

A trip to Culross...

We were at a bit of a loose end one day last week and decided to just go a drive somewhere and see where we ended up.  Culross, as it turned out.  Pronounced koo-russ.  It took my brain an absolute age to get that to sink in (I'm a terrible Scot, I pronounce everything just as I see it, which is rarely right!).  What a gorgeous place though - from the shore to the cobbled streets to the cafe where we had lunch, everything was completely picturesque, which delighted me no end.
The 'pier' was slightly terrifying - I'd say I have rather large feet and I still felt like I was falling in the cracks at points.  And the ONE handrail did nothing to help that feeling...
Now, Tam is 6ft 8, but the doors here were comically small!  We spent a lot of time standing in front of them in disbelief...
 Even the 5ft 10 woman can't compete with the doors - note Parsnip's 'so over it' expression ;)
Another fun day out!  We actually went here because there was meant to be a man with a van that made homemade crisps, and y'all know crisps are one of my favourite things EVER, but he wasn't there.  Gutted.  A return trip will need to be had soon...



  1. Oh how annoying about the crisp man.
    Ace photos, though.

  2. Those doors are awesome - love how peeved off the dog looks in that photo with you!

    Ooh, go back and try the crisps! :)

  3. Parsnip is amazing! More Parsnip please!

    I love really old peeling playground equipment, there's one near my sister's which I love.


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