Wednesday, 14 August 2013

A trip to Rothesay...

I seem to have taken a small blogging break there - I sometimes just can't be bothered with the utter faff that is me using the internet.  Because we all know it's not just about turning on the laptop, uploading some pictures and publishing a post.  Nooo, I have to fuss with every detail of a potential post, not to mention all the distractions that I manage to fall prey to as soon as I stray from my own blog ('Oh that looks like a fun link, I'll just read it quickly...  Ooh another link to something related, I'll just click on that...' and so it goes until I'm fifty pages and four hours from where I started and I've got nothing done.).

Anyway, I was having a bit too much fun admiring and editing these pictures from the weekend before last, hence why they're so late in getting here!  I was taken on belated surprise birthday trip on the Waverley paddle steamer to Rothesay for the day.  I'd never been on it before but it turned out to be lots of fun - if we ignore my rather horrified response to the hoards of old folk on the dock beforehand ('You're taking me on a trip in a confined space with all these people?  Don't you know me at all?!').  The boat sails to a few different islands but we only went as far as the first one, Bute.  
Rothesay was a fab place to spend a few hours - we had a super cheap lunch of paninis and juice on the sea front, found an old theatre, wandered round a car boot sale and managed to make £1 last about half an hour on the 2p machines in the amusement arcade.  
We got a great bag of chips from the Squat Lobster, which we ate under the watchful gaze of a rather fat seagull...
 Someone discovered the sweetie pocket of my handbag :)
Here's who I went with - my boyfriend Tam.  Isn't he lovely?  If he keeps taking me on fun days out I'd say he's a keeper ;)  I'm wearing a Monsoon dress I got in the sale a few weeks ago.  I think it's the first time I've bought something from there but it was one of those rare moments when you find an item of clothing that you just know will fit your shape and style and wardrobe exactly so I had to snap it up!
We've had a few more adventures since then so stand by for lots more pictures in lovely photogenic  locations!  You know I sometimes get sick of living here but it just takes changing places for a day or two to realise how completely lovely Scotland is.  We have so many amazing things to see and do here that I really don't think I could be anywhere else - maybe I should just live a while in all the different counties to check?  ;)  Mind you, it might defeat the purpose of Three Coasts slightly...

Has anyone been to Rothesay?  Or the other islands?  We're thinking there's some good camping to be had out there!



  1. I love Rothesay, it's such a calm and pretty place, well at least it is in the summer, I'm sure winter's another story. I've been planning to go back there this whole summer and not made it, but this post makes me want to even more now. xx

  2. Your fella looks lovely - and tall!

  3. I did wonder if you were namedropping some Tam guy in your text messages for a reason! Aw, he sounds lovely - AND TALL. :D

  4. Aw yay! He looks like a nice young man :)


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