Friday, 16 August 2013

Five places to dream of...

Challenge 28 - List the top 5 places you want to visit in the world. Start saving for one of them.
This is a hard challenge for me because I want to see EVERYWHERE!  The more beautiful and foreign the better, if I'm honest, but really anywhere will do.  Top of my list is California, where I'm actually going in three months time, so if you have any tips of where to visit leave them in the comments!  I'm going with Mother, and the plan is to fly to San Francisco, spend a  few days there, drive down to Los Angeles for another week then fly home via New York City (one of my favourite places ever) for a few days in the cold.

On the rest of my list is Tokyo (for the culture difference), Cornwall (for marvelling over the beauty and warmth right here in my own country), Australia (to check if it's really that laid back and fun) and Jamaica (ditto.  And the cool accents.).

Where would you pick to visit in the world?

Challenge 29 - Make a new friend/meet a blog friend.
Well I was a terrible blogger and didn't take pictures of this, but I spent the day with Lucy, Alex and Alex's friend Lee in Edinburgh to visit the Fringe and have a good old chinwag.  It was super fun and we saw a rather funny show, and I got to wander about and reacquaint myself with Edinburgh while they went some other shows.  Because I live closer to Glasgow I tend to visit there more, but Edinburgh is a really lovely place with loads to look at.  And many, many tourists.  Many.  I prefer Glasgow really.  But Edinburgh is lovely in the right mindset.



  1. Is it bad to pick places you've already been? I'd love to go back to Barcelona as I loved the few days I spent there but there was so much more to see.
    I'd also like to go to New York one day.

  2. I'd generally love to head north - Faroes, Iceland, and I'd absolutely love to go to Sweden.

    I avoid Edinburgh like the plague during Fringe season, way too busy! It's near impossible to walk down the royal mile without random tourists coming to an abrupt halt to take ANOTHER photograph! *pedestrian rage!!* Same feelings for Buchanan Street in Glasgow on a Saturday. haha!

  3. Washington DC is on my must visit list and Russia and Australia and Australia if I was ever rich enough. We're currently working on a roadtrip from Michigan down to Florida and back (going different ways in each direction) so we're constructing a must see list at the moment! Although i've already been there, i'd go back to Chicago in a second given the chance!

  4. So I live about forty minutes away from San Francisco so I've got to recommend that you check out City Lights Books, one of the most famous bookstores in the world and just all around awesome. If you're up for a little bit of drive, not sure if you are planning on renting a car or anything, but Sol Food in San Rafael, just outside of San Francisco is absolutely to die for! You also have to have sourdough bread, lots of sourdough bread. :)


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