Saturday, 24 August 2013

Into the woods...

After visiting Culross we went a walk in the woods on the way home.  There were pine cones and lush greenery galore, the perfect place for walking.  The weather was a bit changeable - going from cool and very cloudy to roasting and blazing sunshine - which made for a not so interesting discussion about whether to go back for jackets or where to hide from the rain in all the open space.  It managed to stay dry however, and the best part of the walk was taken up finding the best pine cones to draw later and craning our neck looking for the alleged tons of red squirrels that live there.  (We saw not one.  Unless you're counting the many wooden ones screwed to the trees for novelty effect.  Probably scared off the real ones.)


  1. Beautiful photos! I still have yet to visit Culross!!

  2. Aw! This makes me think of my home state (Maine) :)


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