Saturday, 3 August 2013

June and July in Books

I've put together the last two months of reading since the Stephen King book took me so bloody long to get through!  It was super though - 11.22.63 was the date JFK was assassinated, but in this version someone in present day America has discovered a time portal that would enable him to stop it happening.  Which it leads you to believe would be for the best, but would it...?  I was guessing right until the end - the story twists in different directions a few times so things really could turn out a number of ways, but I guess I liked the ending it came to...  Marks In Time was published for the 125th anniversary of M&S stores a couple of years ago - I remember working there when it was being written, so some of the current collection pictures brought back memories.  It was an interesting books filled with lovely photos, a nice easy read.

Requiem is the final book in Lauren Oliver's Delirium trilogy - I waited ages for the library to decide to buy this for me and it was so not worth it.  I really have nothing good to say about this book, plus it didn't help that I remembered almost nothing about the second book.  A quick summary at the front of these series type books wouldn't go amiss!  Michael Caine's book, The Elephant to Hollywood, was a far more enjoyable book, I wrote about it here.

Has anyone read any of these?  Hopefully August's reading process will be a bit quicker!


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  1. I really want to read that Stephen King book! Must get round to it...


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