Thursday, 15 August 2013

Knitting in progress...

Being on holiday this week, I somehow ended up with less time for knitting, since I've been here, there and everywhere in the past few days instead of hanging on the couch watching movies as usual.  Well actually, I've been parked on Mother's couch for a couple of days, but obviously the internet has provided a ready distraction instead...  I did discover that the Beekeeper Quilt hexies make a good train project though - I usually read on journeys but my latest book is more something I'd read in bite sized chunks, plus everything I need for knitting fits in a wee make up case, so it's easy to throw into my handbag.  

The other day someone asked how many hexies I'd made so far, so I tipped them out the bag and counted them up.  The total was 69, which I'm not sure is better or worse than I thought!  I'd probably have guessed a higher number but then the bag looked fairly stashed with them because I'm making them with DK wool instead of the recommended 4 ply since, between Mother and I, we have a huge stash of DK to use up. I've made all plain ones though, which was fine until I came across these cool designs on Pinterest... 
left - right
Sheep!  Dragons!  Robins!  Acorns!  I'm now feeling the need to inject some fun into my ones, how boring they look in comparison!  As soon as I get home there's a good chance the graph paper and pencils will be coming out...

How's progress going for everyone else?



  1. Wow I'm super impressed with your knitting skills! And how cool are the sheep?

  2. Awesome! I've got about 20 so far. Yours are so much neater than mine, I'm sure each hex I've made is a slightly different shape to all the others, I think its because of the weird way I use double pointed pins ;)

    Those patterned ones are so cool - not sure I'd have the patience though, I find making the plain ones fiddly at times!

  3. Argh that's so cool. I supposed to be learning how to knit this year but I don't think it's going to be happening. I've been super lame at all my crafting lately, I've lost my mojo!

  4. That BeeKeeper's Quilt is really popular isn't it? And such a great way to use up all that spare yarn. I haven't attempted one yet though as it would take me years to complete probably!

  5. Your hexies are coming along great, they look very neat and regular. I was tempted to pick up my needles last night, then I remembered... I'm not very good at knitting! Haha.

  6. I have a few hexi designs up on ravelry. They are so addictive aren't they! I love designing them, and of coirse knitting them!


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