Thursday, 1 August 2013

Loch Doon Castle

I haven't done any proper exploring in a while, although when we were camping last week we found an old castle just up the road from where we stayed.  Loch Doon Castle was originally on an island but was moved, brick by brick, after water levels in the loch were raised in the 1930s.  There's not much left of it now but considering it was first built in the late 13th century I'd say it's doing ok!
Has anyone been?  It was so warm the day we went, we pretty much had a quick explore then dashed back to the air conditioned car!  Ah summer.



  1. This makes me think of the Eddie Izzard joke, when he's talking about castles at Euro Disney. He said something like, "you better make them a bit bigger, they actually have them here." haha! Very cool, and very nice photos :)

  2. looks like it's in good shape for it's age. I do love exploring old castles :)

  3. ooh! me and a friend have recently signed up for historical scotland membership and we're trying to get round places (as well as walk the ayrshire coastal route!). definitely have to pop into this one, it looks awesome.


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