Monday, 26 August 2013

Our castle...

On Sunday we were looking for somewhere to go a wee walk, so Moffat and Ali and I decided to take Tam to the castle and share its awesomeness.  It was nice when we left home but by the time we arrived at the castle half an hour later it was raining on and off.  Luckily I had my favourite things, the wellies, to keep my feet dry!  We had a fairly quick walk around but I'm really pleased how this batch of pictures turned out.  As usual we saw more things we'd never noticed before, including some very worn signs from the servants bell board in the basement - one we could just make out the writing on to read 'Spare Ladies Maid Bedroom'.  It all sounds very grand and Downton-esque.  (Speaking of, not long until the new series!)

The above pictures is one of my favourites from all the castle pictures I've taken.  Annoyingly my wellies can be seen at the bottom, but maybe that just adds some charm to it...  This angle was from the top of the spiral staircase at roof level, looking down.
Looking up at the dumbwaiter frame.
 Moffat just walked by at the right/wrong moment!  You can see the unedited version over at Three Coasts.
(see more castle pictures here and here)


  1. Who wouldn't love to live here? What a dreamy place!

  2. I like the tip of your boots in the first pic, I definitely think it adds some charm :) I love all the photos though, think you captured the atmosphere really well!

    This castle is so awesome. There's a ruined castle near where I live but with no way of getting into it as its too dangerous. So frustrating though, I'd love to see inside it!

  3. How lovely - brilliant photos! Looks like a lovely place to visit :) That spiral staircase makes me feel a bit uneasy ha ha x

  4. Lovely photos! I just found your blog from Words Can Only Be Your Own. Very nice blog!


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