Saturday, 28 September 2013

A summer of new places...

With Autumn just about upon us, I got a bit nostalgic over my summer pictures.  Turns out I've packed in more than I thought!  I blame Tam for taking me all over the completely gorgeous east coast.  I've even been applying for jobs over there in an attempt to get closer to those lovely beaches and woods and abandoned buildings...  Here's a lovely long photographic account of every new place I've seen over the past three months.  Or just skip to the end if you want to know my favourites ;)
a tomb somewhere...
South Queensferry
conservatory at a local estate
Glasgow Necropolis
Bangour Hospital
railway museum/graveyard
oldest cinema in Scotland!
an old graveyard behind an ex cinema
Loch Doon Castle
Loch Doon
brothers new house
In hindsight, I didn't blog as many places as I thought I had!  But I did complete another challenge, with honours I'd say...

Challenge 30 - Visit somewhere new.
It's pretty hard to choose the best of the lot - Loch Doon was so very pretty, the woods were all secluded and quiet, the hospital was the biggest collection of abandoned buildings I've seen in one place and the Necropolis was so photogenic I'm pretty sure I didn't take a bad picture all day.  Let's just add Culross to that list and call it a top five.

We're off to Italy for a few days this morning so expect some more lovely pictures when I get back!


Friday, 27 September 2013

Goodbye summer...

top - Long Tall Sally
jeans - Long Tall Sally
shoes - Matalan
These pics were taken about two weeks ago now - what happened to my lovely blogging schedule?!  (Actually what happened was another eye infection, more headaches and an avoidance to computer screens...I'm falling apart!)  This was the sad day my lovely tapestry shoes got a hole in them...
Poor pretty shoes.  Being from Matalan I'm not sure why I expected them to last forever but it was a sad death nonetheless.  Plus it turns out finding a suitable replacement pair is easier said than done - when I got these last year all the size 7s everywhere were too big for me, now in every shop I visit they're too small.  Either my feet have mysteriously grown a full size in a matter of days or shops are taking vanity sizing to a whole new level.  Whatever the explanation, I'm disgruntled.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Finished Knitting - Chevron Baby Blanket

I seem to have been knitting quickly this week because I've finished another item, using another Purl Bee pattern!  I think the combination of big needles and watching lots of movies helped me out a bit...  Now, I did follow the pattern to the letter, but somehow my white/cream striped section turned out much smaller than in the picture, and as a result looks a bit daft.  But I like the overall style anyway.
 I used double knitting wool from my stash so it didn't cost me any money to make up, plus it's not especially big so really the most you'd need would be for the main colour, and even that only took about 70g.  The finished size is about 34 x 20 inches.  I didn't bother to block it because I've never blocked a thing ever it didn't seem to need it.
A close up of the different colours - it's garter stitch all the way with a few decreases and increases along the way.  I love how simple it is to achieve the pretty zig-zag effect, although I think next time I'd use smaller needles and just add more stitches to make it wider.
It's going to a girl at work who's pregnant.  As you may have guessed from my Twitter moans, she's not my favourite person in the world, but it seemed like a nice wee gift to give and maybe it'll stop her talking about how ill she is for a few minutes...


Sunday, 8 September 2013

This Week I...

 ...made sushi!  Or rather, Tam and I did.  His are the neat little parcels with salmon and prawns on top, mine are the rather shoddily wrapped seaweed ones.  It was pretty delicious.

...started back at Cubs and remembered how much I love them all.  Even the irritating ones.  Well... a new hat for Tuscany (on sale in M&S!).  Because lets face it, with the combination of wind and clouds in this country, it's hardly likely to come in handy here :/

...hung out with Kirsty and Leanne and caught up on all the gossip.  Meaning we talked about boys for four hours.
...finished a new knitting project very quickly.

...watched a great deal of films (I really liked About Time, We're The Millers and Secrets and Lies, I did not like The Birds or Margin Call ) and the first series of Moone Boy again.  It's still good! Me Before You by Jojo Moyes in three days and didn't quite get why such a fuss was made over it earlier this year.  I saw the end coming a mile off and I never spot these things.

...found out my best friend got engaged!  I'm still excited!

...yelled at someone who pushed a pram into the cycle lane right as I was whizzing by.  And yes, she did see me.  I mostly hate people.


Saturday, 7 September 2013

Dressing on the cheap...

St Michael - £1
I've had some pretty good luck with finding dresses in the charity shops lately.  Since it's pretty much unheard of to find something I'm actually looking for in a charity shop, I've taken full advantage!  Now if someone could donate the perfect winter boots in my size my wardrobe would be complete...

I'm completely in love with the dress above - it's a St Michaels number from the 80s or 90s I think, and it fits me perfectly. (And it's a size 14, which I would be annoyed about if I didn't love it so damn much!)  I don't even usually look on that rail in the charity shop so it was a total fluke to find it.
Classics - £5
This is another 80s number - the label simply says 'classics' which sounds about right - I've had some real gems from M&S Classics Collection, their blouses are particularly lovely sometimes.  It's a little big but the belt can be tied up, plus it has POCKETS, making it even more fabby.
left - George - £3.99 / right - BHS - £2.50
It was like at first sight with the George dress when I spotted it in a new charity shop a few weeks ago.  We had just been into one that was crammed with 80s clothing, so of course I had to pick up the 90s dress...  I shortened it a bit but annoyingly the front doesn't quite hang straight, and it's a bugger for creasing, but I love the style of it anyway.  Definitely one for wearing with thick tights and a woolly jumper!

The BHS one I picked up because I love the fabric and the lace panel, but the shape leaves a bit to be desired.  I've already taken the sleeves off and taken the side seams in, although I'm not sure about the pleated style bodice.  I might have a go at reworking it more.

Four dresses in one month!  My wardrobe is looking good now.

(my sandals are from the recent M&S sale)


Friday, 6 September 2013

Friday Films - A Richard Curtis Special

Now, we all know Richard Curtis is awesome, right?  But it wasn't until I did some digging that I realised he's written pretty much all fab films to date (ahem, we'll ignore that screenplay he wrote for the Bridget Jones sequel, I'm sure it's the books fault that movie sucked).  A formula with a bit of humour, romance and tragedy seems to be working out pretty well...
The Tall Guy stars Jeff Goldblum and Emma Thompson and is about a TALL guy.  You know I love tall men right?  So it was never going to be bad.
I'm ashamed to admit I only saw Four Weddings and a Funeral a few years ago!  I really rather enjoyed it - it was a bit dated by then but you gotta love a cast stuffed full of British talent.  I can't resist a wee Hugh Grant movie...
As a teenager I was convinced some beautiful famous man was going to come and sweep me off my feet and we'd live happily ever after (either this guy or this one...) so I can absolutely see why this movie appealed to me.  Or maybe it was the Hugh Grant thing again.
I remember going to see Love Actually at the cinema and being completely charmed by the whole thing.  I still watch it multiple times a year and still can't decide on the best story line - Liam Neeson as the widowed father?  Emma Thompson as the tired wife?  Hugh Grant as PRIME MINISTER?!  I'd vote for that.  Easily my favourite of the bunch.
Everyone gave The Boat That Rocked a hard time but I really liked it.  True, it meanders to its inevitable conclusion at a snail's pace, but the stuff in between just makes you want to time travel back to the 1960s and go be a DJ on a boat.  Plus I remember it came out just before I moved into projection - in my interview I talked about how the presentation was when I went to see it.  Good times.
I won't say too much about About Time since, although I got to watch it at work before release, I know a lot of people won't be seeing it straight away!  Let's just say it's exactly what you'd expect, but is still a wonderful, romantic, lovely, nonsense journey.  In other words, go see it!

Anyone care to comment on the magic of Richard Curtis?


Wednesday, 4 September 2013


Last weekend we were looking for a new place to explore on the east coast and Tam suggested going to Burntisland.  Once again, I'll give you a pronunciation guide - said 'Burnt Island', I'm pretty sure I would have gone with Sarah's way and called it Burntis-land if I hadn't heard the name before seeing the sign.  Scotland is a hoot, really, we're all just out to confuse the tourists.

I'm still not over the novelty of crossing the Forth Road Bridge, as you can tell.  So big and high up!  I'm definitely up for walking over it soon.  We parked up and decided to walk along the beach to the town, but we only made it about half way before the tide came in so had to turn back and take the car.
No trip to the seaside would be complete without a trip to the amusement arcade.  I rocked out on the 2p machines again while Tam won me a minion, which I totally love and had to have a go at winning one myself.  And I did!  We may have broke the machine in the process but the guy was very nice about it...and it actually helped us get the second one haha!

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