Saturday, 28 September 2013

A summer of new places...

With Autumn just about upon us, I got a bit nostalgic over my summer pictures.  Turns out I've packed in more than I thought!  I blame Tam for taking me all over the completely gorgeous east coast.  I've even been applying for jobs over there in an attempt to get closer to those lovely beaches and woods and abandoned buildings...  Here's a lovely long photographic account of every new place I've seen over the past three months.  Or just skip to the end if you want to know my favourites ;)
a tomb somewhere...
South Queensferry
conservatory at a local estate
Glasgow Necropolis
Bangour Hospital
railway museum/graveyard
oldest cinema in Scotland!
an old graveyard behind an ex cinema
Loch Doon Castle
Loch Doon
brothers new house
In hindsight, I didn't blog as many places as I thought I had!  But I did complete another challenge, with honours I'd say...

Challenge 30 - Visit somewhere new.
It's pretty hard to choose the best of the lot - Loch Doon was so very pretty, the woods were all secluded and quiet, the hospital was the biggest collection of abandoned buildings I've seen in one place and the Necropolis was so photogenic I'm pretty sure I didn't take a bad picture all day.  Let's just add Culross to that list and call it a top five.

We're off to Italy for a few days this morning so expect some more lovely pictures when I get back!



  1. You HAVE been all over! Next stop: Aberdeen?

  2. Can't believe Rothesay didn't make the top 5!

  3. Beautiful pics Elise, a summer to remember! :)

  4. Wow you've certainly managed to get in a load of places! Great photographs of them all too, the railway graveyard intrigues me!

  5. wow that's such a lot of places and so many great photographs :) x

  6. I've still never visited Scotland, it's definitely on my list of places to see.

  7. So many gorgeous photographs of gorgeous places!


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