Wednesday, 4 September 2013


Last weekend we were looking for a new place to explore on the east coast and Tam suggested going to Burntisland.  Once again, I'll give you a pronunciation guide - said 'Burnt Island', I'm pretty sure I would have gone with Sarah's way and called it Burntis-land if I hadn't heard the name before seeing the sign.  Scotland is a hoot, really, we're all just out to confuse the tourists.

I'm still not over the novelty of crossing the Forth Road Bridge, as you can tell.  So big and high up!  I'm definitely up for walking over it soon.  We parked up and decided to walk along the beach to the town, but we only made it about half way before the tide came in so had to turn back and take the car.
No trip to the seaside would be complete without a trip to the amusement arcade.  I rocked out on the 2p machines again while Tam won me a minion, which I totally love and had to have a go at winning one myself.  And I did!  We may have broke the machine in the process but the guy was very nice about it...and it actually helped us get the second one haha!



  1. Oh I love the 2p machines. Yay for the minions as well - I want a minion :)

  2. Yup, I'm another Scottish person who would have pronounced it "burntis-land" Doh!

    Have you ever taken the rail bridge across? I find it even more exciting than the road bridge!

  3. Yeah, I assumed 'Burntis-land' too! Scottish name places are bizarre - there's a place near here spelt 'Avoch' but pronounced 'Och' which is really odd.

    Love the photos, the one with the claw is awesome! Its spooky that you mentioned the Forth Road Bridge as I only realised today just how high it is - I was speaking to a long distance lorry driver who said he refuses to drive across it because he's scared of heights!

  4. Now, if you hadn't told us, I'd have pronounced it the same as you did! What a great place, so much space! x

  5. These comments are making me SO HAPPY! I'm not alone in my inability to read simple place names! Whoooooooo!

    Also, I totally want to climb the Forth Rail Bridge when/if the observation platform plan comes to fruition.


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