Saturday, 7 September 2013

Dressing on the cheap...

St Michael - £1
I've had some pretty good luck with finding dresses in the charity shops lately.  Since it's pretty much unheard of to find something I'm actually looking for in a charity shop, I've taken full advantage!  Now if someone could donate the perfect winter boots in my size my wardrobe would be complete...

I'm completely in love with the dress above - it's a St Michaels number from the 80s or 90s I think, and it fits me perfectly. (And it's a size 14, which I would be annoyed about if I didn't love it so damn much!)  I don't even usually look on that rail in the charity shop so it was a total fluke to find it.
Classics - £5
This is another 80s number - the label simply says 'classics' which sounds about right - I've had some real gems from M&S Classics Collection, their blouses are particularly lovely sometimes.  It's a little big but the belt can be tied up, plus it has POCKETS, making it even more fabby.
left - George - £3.99 / right - BHS - £2.50
It was like at first sight with the George dress when I spotted it in a new charity shop a few weeks ago.  We had just been into one that was crammed with 80s clothing, so of course I had to pick up the 90s dress...  I shortened it a bit but annoyingly the front doesn't quite hang straight, and it's a bugger for creasing, but I love the style of it anyway.  Definitely one for wearing with thick tights and a woolly jumper!

The BHS one I picked up because I love the fabric and the lace panel, but the shape leaves a bit to be desired.  I've already taken the sleeves off and taken the side seams in, although I'm not sure about the pleated style bodice.  I might have a go at reworking it more.

Four dresses in one month!  My wardrobe is looking good now.

(my sandals are from the recent M&S sale)



  1. Great finds! My second hand M&S stuff is all enormous sizes, but fits me perfectly. I've stopped looking at the labels and just learnt how wide a waistband should be compared to the length of my forearm.

  2. They're lovely - the George one is my favourite!

    I love how you can alter them yourself, it must be so handy :)

  3. Wow good finds! I'm terrible at finding clothes in charity shops, but I do get lots of books and china. :)

  4. Love that St Michael dress, what a bargain!


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