Friday, 6 September 2013

Friday Films - A Richard Curtis Special

Now, we all know Richard Curtis is awesome, right?  But it wasn't until I did some digging that I realised he's written pretty much all fab films to date (ahem, we'll ignore that screenplay he wrote for the Bridget Jones sequel, I'm sure it's the books fault that movie sucked).  A formula with a bit of humour, romance and tragedy seems to be working out pretty well...
The Tall Guy stars Jeff Goldblum and Emma Thompson and is about a TALL guy.  You know I love tall men right?  So it was never going to be bad.
I'm ashamed to admit I only saw Four Weddings and a Funeral a few years ago!  I really rather enjoyed it - it was a bit dated by then but you gotta love a cast stuffed full of British talent.  I can't resist a wee Hugh Grant movie...
As a teenager I was convinced some beautiful famous man was going to come and sweep me off my feet and we'd live happily ever after (either this guy or this one...) so I can absolutely see why this movie appealed to me.  Or maybe it was the Hugh Grant thing again.
I remember going to see Love Actually at the cinema and being completely charmed by the whole thing.  I still watch it multiple times a year and still can't decide on the best story line - Liam Neeson as the widowed father?  Emma Thompson as the tired wife?  Hugh Grant as PRIME MINISTER?!  I'd vote for that.  Easily my favourite of the bunch.
Everyone gave The Boat That Rocked a hard time but I really liked it.  True, it meanders to its inevitable conclusion at a snail's pace, but the stuff in between just makes you want to time travel back to the 1960s and go be a DJ on a boat.  Plus I remember it came out just before I moved into projection - in my interview I talked about how the presentation was when I went to see it.  Good times.
I won't say too much about About Time since, although I got to watch it at work before release, I know a lot of people won't be seeing it straight away!  Let's just say it's exactly what you'd expect, but is still a wonderful, romantic, lovely, nonsense journey.  In other words, go see it!

Anyone care to comment on the magic of Richard Curtis?



  1. I do like Love Actually, and Notting Hill was quite sweet. I'm not sure I've seen the others and I couldn't stand Bridget Jones (the books or the films I'm afraid).

  2. I'm afraid I really didn't like Love Actually. I wanted to, after hearing all my friends rave about it, but just didn't *get* it. The only storyline I liked within it was Liam Neeson and his son. I like four weddings and a funeral though, it's dated-ness just adds to the charm.

  3. I've seen The Tall Guy and Four Weddings and hated both! Sorry! Richard Curtise doesn't do it for me but wouldn't the world be a dull place if we all liked the same stuff? x

  4. I tend to like Richard Curtis films and am going to see this one tonight. Love Actually is one we watch every Christmas but Notting Hill is probably my favourite.


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