Sunday, 8 September 2013

This Week I...

 ...made sushi!  Or rather, Tam and I did.  His are the neat little parcels with salmon and prawns on top, mine are the rather shoddily wrapped seaweed ones.  It was pretty delicious.

...started back at Cubs and remembered how much I love them all.  Even the irritating ones.  Well... a new hat for Tuscany (on sale in M&S!).  Because lets face it, with the combination of wind and clouds in this country, it's hardly likely to come in handy here :/

...hung out with Kirsty and Leanne and caught up on all the gossip.  Meaning we talked about boys for four hours.
...finished a new knitting project very quickly.

...watched a great deal of films (I really liked About Time, We're The Millers and Secrets and Lies, I did not like The Birds or Margin Call ) and the first series of Moone Boy again.  It's still good! Me Before You by Jojo Moyes in three days and didn't quite get why such a fuss was made over it earlier this year.  I saw the end coming a mile off and I never spot these things.

...found out my best friend got engaged!  I'm still excited!

...yelled at someone who pushed a pram into the cycle lane right as I was whizzing by.  And yes, she did see me.  I mostly hate people.


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  1. The sushi looks awesome! I made some once - it tasted ok but was such a faff to make. Ooh, what's the knitting project? It looks lovely - and I like the colour combination :D

    Well done for yelling at the pram/cycle lane woman. That would annoy me too!


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