Thursday, 31 October 2013

A trip to New Lanark

One of our recent day trips was to New Lanark, a place I gleefully discovered was on our Scottish £20 notes a few days later when I was cashing up at work.  It's even prettier in real life, I can assure you.  We parked at the top of the hill and walked down to the mill buildings, then through the woods to the falls.  After neglecting to pick up a map we ended up walking further than planned to try and find an end point, but it turned out we just had to walk back the same way, so we were a bit knackered by the end!  Luckily the rain held off until the last mile so we didn't get too soaked. 
' we go left or right?' / I was very much disappointed to find out these were not water flumes :/
Parsnip defied the boundaries to get a closer look at the falls. (Obviously Tam had a tight grip on the lead!)
This bridge reminded me of the time Leanne and I found an old bridge and climbed around some railings to get onto it.  Ahem.  We decided not to risk our lives this time though.


Wednesday, 30 October 2013

This Week I...

...wore my favourite new(ish) navy clothes and went out for lunch with Mother and Tam.  Then got home and ate more junk.  Sounds about right.  I got those Rowntrees Pic n Mix sweets, which seemed to have a disproportionate amount of fruit gums :/
Tam got cheesy puffs.  They were not good.
...brought my favourite hat back into circulation in preparation for winter.  Giant pompom alert! a knitting needle size gauge.  I've been borrowing Mother's but it was only £1.35 in the local wool shop so I decided to get my own.  They're very useful for checking needle sizes in charity shops.  

...saw this amazing picture on the Innocent Facebook page - a shed full of tiny hats!  I'll need to resurrect my hat knitting for next year.

...tried Tam's hat on The Hulk.  He looked awesome of course.
...went for a pub lunch on Saturday (and Sunday actually...) and we totally stuffed ourselves.  The desserts turned out to be BOGOF so we got a sharing bowl with extra cake.  So good but so filling.  The pub had the best Halloween decor - giant skulls and ball and chains everywhere!

How's everyone's week been?


Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Further up the east coast...

Yup, I'm still on That Day We Went To East Coast Fife.  What can I say, my camera and I bonded big time that day.  It was warm and the sky had just the right amount of cloud smattering and there were chips and boats and castles and swings and caravans.  Lush.  These pictures were from our last stop on the mini tour, Anstruther (pronounced Ain-stra, according to Edith Bowman, who we caught talking about it on TV that night.  I love funny wee coincidences like that.).  We were told there was an amazing chippy here, and we weren't disappointed - Tam had a fish supper and I had a chicken burger supper.  They may have been the best chips ever, all crispy and fresh, mmm!  I would actually eat chips every day if I could, I can think of no better food.
We also found a swing set with the best views ever...
...and climbed a bunch of big rocks on the waters edge.
I had a weird 'this grosses me out but I can't look away' moment over this beached jellyfish...
I miss the warmth and happiness of that day so much!  I think I'm over winter now, time for the rain and wind to go away please.


Monday, 28 October 2013

Finished Knitting - Jacques Cousteau Hat

I finally remembered to corner Tam and take some pictures of the hat I made him a few weeks ago.  It was my first go knitting on the round and I loved it!  So simple and quick to do.  I haven't progressed much with my hat (I can't find the right size of dpns anywhere locally, gonna trawl the charity shops with my needle size gauge today!) so I've been knitting a bunch more hexies to keep my fingers busy.  
For this hat I used the Jacques Cousteau Hat pattern from here and, at Tam's request, added a pompom belatedly this weekend.  Because the UK doesn't make 3.5mm needles (must stock up in America next month!) I made the decision to go up a size instead of down, so I used 3.75mm needles for the whole thing.  This turned out to be a dumb move and I should have went down a size since the hat is now a tiny bit big, but lesson learned for next time.    
 Here's a view of the crown - I just love the slightly unusual flow of this pattern so this is my favourite angle.  The pompom makes it more fun, as pompoms are apt to do...
Speaking of pompoms, I bought yet another set of Clover pompom makers - I now have six of those excellent contraptions and plan on using them to make some cheap fun Christmas pressies... I'm hoping everyone will be charmed by their cuteness and not notice that I have no money for actual gifts ;)


Friday, 25 October 2013

St Monans Castle

Ok, I posted about St Monans the other day but I just couldn't narrow down the pictures of the castle so here's a whole bunch for you to enjoy.  We walked along the coastal path and came across the ruins, which we had to spent ages exploring of course.  I climbed up to the second level of the castle only to find there was a much easier way around the back, and stuck my camera into shut off bits to try and see what was inside - the below picture was a sealed off round tower but with the gap under the door and my camera flash on I got to see what was in there! (Um, big fat nothing, but the curiousity would have killed me, so...worth it.)
We're not really sure what this arch thing is but it made for some lovely framing effects in our pictures...
Has anyone been?  Well done if you got to the end of this! (There's a great post about the area here for anyone who's planning a visit...)


Thursday, 24 October 2013

Knitting in progress...

In case you missed my ramblings on Twitter, I've been learning to knit on the round.  For some reason I was afraid of it for ages - with anything practical, I really learn better when someone's there to guide me through things, but I managed to figure most of this out by myself because IT'S SO EASY.  Turns out all I needed was a basic knowledge of knitting and the knack of joining the circle, helpfully provided by Louise.  Done!  I've already made Tam a hat, which took less than a week and is the easiest, quickest thing I've ever made, and now I'm making me one.  It would be done by now if I (and Mother) hadn't stumbled over the pattern - it's saying to continue in the pattern until I have so many stitched but neither of us can work out how the pattern continues!  Maths was never my strong point...
I'm not usually a fan of pink but this wool is all soft and fluffy so that makes it exempt.  And obviously it'll have a lovely pompom on the top, which makes anything awesome.  Here's the pattern, for anyone who wants to have a go.
Since I'm at Mother's this week I thought I'd snap her work in progress.  She started making my uncle this vintage jumper months ago then sort of stalled, and is now knitting nothing.  I wouldn't mind, but she got wool to make me another jumper so I'm trying to guilt her into finishing this so she can get cracking on mine!

What's everyone knitting now?


Wednesday, 23 October 2013

A trip to St Monans...

A few weeks ago now, Tam and I drove up to East Neuk of Fife, a coastal road with a bunch of gorgeous wee villages along the way.  First off we stopped at St Monans, which had a super path along the beach to an old castle (more on that soon!), a festival and a jetty filled with wellies.  A welly jetty, if you will.
Tam and I decided we want to live here...and Anstruther...and Elie...there's too many lovely places over there!
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