Thursday, 31 October 2013

A trip to New Lanark

One of our recent day trips was to New Lanark, a place I gleefully discovered was on our Scottish £20 notes a few days later when I was cashing up at work.  It's even prettier in real life, I can assure you.  We parked at the top of the hill and walked down to the mill buildings, then through the woods to the falls.  After neglecting to pick up a map we ended up walking further than planned to try and find an end point, but it turned out we just had to walk back the same way, so we were a bit knackered by the end!  Luckily the rain held off until the last mile so we didn't get too soaked. 
' we go left or right?' / I was very much disappointed to find out these were not water flumes :/
Parsnip defied the boundaries to get a closer look at the falls. (Obviously Tam had a tight grip on the lead!)
This bridge reminded me of the time Leanne and I found an old bridge and climbed around some railings to get onto it.  Ahem.  We decided not to risk our lives this time though.



  1. new lanark was one of the first places i ever visited when i moved up to scotland. it's still my favourite place. did you see the peregrine falcons? the babies just hatched last time i went over there.

    and i was completely the same with the pipes that weren't water flumes. they would be awesome. i also noticed that the power station had some parts of scunthorpe steel on it, which is just down the road from where i moved up here from. :)

  2. I remember you moaning about how far we had to walk on this day :p


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