Monday, 28 October 2013

Finished Knitting - Jacques Cousteau Hat

I finally remembered to corner Tam and take some pictures of the hat I made him a few weeks ago.  It was my first go knitting on the round and I loved it!  So simple and quick to do.  I haven't progressed much with my hat (I can't find the right size of dpns anywhere locally, gonna trawl the charity shops with my needle size gauge today!) so I've been knitting a bunch more hexies to keep my fingers busy.  
For this hat I used the Jacques Cousteau Hat pattern from here and, at Tam's request, added a pompom belatedly this weekend.  Because the UK doesn't make 3.5mm needles (must stock up in America next month!) I made the decision to go up a size instead of down, so I used 3.75mm needles for the whole thing.  This turned out to be a dumb move and I should have went down a size since the hat is now a tiny bit big, but lesson learned for next time.    
 Here's a view of the crown - I just love the slightly unusual flow of this pattern so this is my favourite angle.  The pompom makes it more fun, as pompoms are apt to do...
Speaking of pompoms, I bought yet another set of Clover pompom makers - I now have six of those excellent contraptions and plan on using them to make some cheap fun Christmas pressies... I'm hoping everyone will be charmed by their cuteness and not notice that I have no money for actual gifts ;)



  1. It's entirely possibly to buy 3.5mm needles in the UK.

  2. Yep - you can definitely buy 3.5 needles in the UK! Where did you hear that? x

    1. Hmm every needle conversion chart I've used has 3.5 missed out on the UK bit, and I've never seen them in shops! Obviously I'm wrong... I know I could have got them online but I wanted to get started, lesson learned! :)

  3. This is brilliant! Good job! And I totally want a random pompom through the post.


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