Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Further up the east coast...

Yup, I'm still on That Day We Went To East Coast Fife.  What can I say, my camera and I bonded big time that day.  It was warm and the sky had just the right amount of cloud smattering and there were chips and boats and castles and swings and caravans.  Lush.  These pictures were from our last stop on the mini tour, Anstruther (pronounced Ain-stra, according to Edith Bowman, who we caught talking about it on TV that night.  I love funny wee coincidences like that.).  We were told there was an amazing chippy here, and we weren't disappointed - Tam had a fish supper and I had a chicken burger supper.  They may have been the best chips ever, all crispy and fresh, mmm!  I would actually eat chips every day if I could, I can think of no better food.
We also found a swing set with the best views ever...
...and climbed a bunch of big rocks on the waters edge.
I had a weird 'this grosses me out but I can't look away' moment over this beached jellyfish...
I miss the warmth and happiness of that day so much!  I think I'm over winter now, time for the rain and wind to go away please.



  1. 3 blog posts from one drive... impressive!

  2. Such beautiful, clear photos. The swing-view is my favourite. A swing= fun, but a swing with a view is my idea of a perfect afternoon! Xx


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