Thursday, 24 October 2013

Knitting in progress...

In case you missed my ramblings on Twitter, I've been learning to knit on the round.  For some reason I was afraid of it for ages - with anything practical, I really learn better when someone's there to guide me through things, but I managed to figure most of this out by myself because IT'S SO EASY.  Turns out all I needed was a basic knowledge of knitting and the knack of joining the circle, helpfully provided by Louise.  Done!  I've already made Tam a hat, which took less than a week and is the easiest, quickest thing I've ever made, and now I'm making me one.  It would be done by now if I (and Mother) hadn't stumbled over the pattern - it's saying to continue in the pattern until I have so many stitched but neither of us can work out how the pattern continues!  Maths was never my strong point...
I'm not usually a fan of pink but this wool is all soft and fluffy so that makes it exempt.  And obviously it'll have a lovely pompom on the top, which makes anything awesome.  Here's the pattern, for anyone who wants to have a go.
Since I'm at Mother's this week I thought I'd snap her work in progress.  She started making my uncle this vintage jumper months ago then sort of stalled, and is now knitting nothing.  I wouldn't mind, but she got wool to make me another jumper so I'm trying to guilt her into finishing this so she can get cracking on mine!

What's everyone knitting now?



  1. WOW. Just WOW at your amazing hat knitting, and at your Mother's aweseme pattern-knitting.
    I can just about make a scarf or a bag, and have recently learnt how to make knitted flowers (very easy, I'm such a beginner). I'd love to be able to spend more time working on my knitting skills, though.

  2. You have massive knitting skills! The idea of round knitting boggles my brain... your mum's project looks pretty awesome she needs to get it finished.

  3. Still waiting on the pompom for my hat :(

  4. Knitting in the round is awesome once you get used to it! Can't wait to see the finished hat. (And get on with making poor Tam's pompom :P )


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