Friday, 25 October 2013

St Monans Castle

Ok, I posted about St Monans the other day but I just couldn't narrow down the pictures of the castle so here's a whole bunch for you to enjoy.  We walked along the coastal path and came across the ruins, which we had to spent ages exploring of course.  I climbed up to the second level of the castle only to find there was a much easier way around the back, and stuck my camera into shut off bits to try and see what was inside - the below picture was a sealed off round tower but with the gap under the door and my camera flash on I got to see what was in there! (Um, big fat nothing, but the curiousity would have killed me, so...worth it.)
We're not really sure what this arch thing is but it made for some lovely framing effects in our pictures...
Has anyone been?  Well done if you got to the end of this! (There's a great post about the area here for anyone who's planning a visit...)



  1. I'm just amazed by that beautiful blue sky. The weather down here has been relentlessly terrible, grey and rainy for the past few weeks (with yesterday being the only exception).


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