Tuesday, 22 October 2013

That 70s Outfit...

cardigan - TK Maxx (mens)
tshirt - H&M
jeans - Gap via charity shop
shoes - Blowfish via eBay
...or two outfits rather.  I had superb charity shop luck last week on a day trip to Edinburgh, my favourite bits being these two pairs of jeans that are LONG ENOUGH!  It was an exciting moment in the fitting room when I realised that.  The above pair are from Gap, where I've never bought jeans in my life, so I can only assume they're from the American Tall range or are just an anomaly.  Either way, they work.
My only recent eBay bargain worth talking about...
cardigan - BHS
tshirt - M&S via charity shop
jeans - Dorothy Perkins via charity shop
Converse - TK Maxx
These jeans are actually a twin of a pair I had years ago from Dorothy Perkins that I loved and wore to death.  Clearly I've been given a second chance with them since they fit perfectly and look like new.  I got the tshirt the same day too (for 99p!) and the BHS cardigan was a summer bargain - once again, it has LONG ENOUGH proportions for my stupid tall body, that was a glorious day when I found it too!  (It was in the Edinburgh branch funnily enough, I must have the best luck shopping there.)
There was a blue theme going on yesterday...
I felt a bit like I belonged in That 70s Show wearing these outfits - probably more a Donna than my favourite Jackie but that can't be a bad thing either way, right?



  1. Those jeans are brilliant! x

  2. Cool jeans. I might borrow them.

  3. Gap used to do a 36" inside leg as their Long length, but then changed it to 34" some years back at which point I stopped shopping there. They've introduced Tall stuff on their UK website at last, but when I checked it a few weeks back all the trousers were cropped length. Not overly helpful!


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