Wednesday, 30 October 2013

This Week I...

...wore my favourite new(ish) navy clothes and went out for lunch with Mother and Tam.  Then got home and ate more junk.  Sounds about right.  I got those Rowntrees Pic n Mix sweets, which seemed to have a disproportionate amount of fruit gums :/
Tam got cheesy puffs.  They were not good.
...brought my favourite hat back into circulation in preparation for winter.  Giant pompom alert! a knitting needle size gauge.  I've been borrowing Mother's but it was only £1.35 in the local wool shop so I decided to get my own.  They're very useful for checking needle sizes in charity shops.  

...saw this amazing picture on the Innocent Facebook page - a shed full of tiny hats!  I'll need to resurrect my hat knitting for next year.

...tried Tam's hat on The Hulk.  He looked awesome of course.
...went for a pub lunch on Saturday (and Sunday actually...) and we totally stuffed ourselves.  The desserts turned out to be BOGOF so we got a sharing bowl with extra cake.  So good but so filling.  The pub had the best Halloween decor - giant skulls and ball and chains everywhere!

How's everyone's week been?



  1. Oh, I don't really decorate for Halloween myself, but I love it when you go places which have totally made loads of effort!


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