Monday, 4 November 2013

A trip into the woods...

We took a drive to Straiton on Saturday to go a walk about in the country.  I'd been walking there ages ago when I went out driving one day and got a bit lost, and I just love it there.  It's a pretty, very quiet wee village surrounded by woods, which makes for good walking about.  I wasn't having the best day - the weather was as rotten as it can be without raining and my cold was making a return, plus I stupidly forgot to put my wellies in the car so I ended up covered in mud.  But...the views were nice.
 I pressed the Boost function on PicMonkey and things went all vibrant and Autumn-y, loving it!

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Holiday reading...

This time next week I'll be in California!  My excitement has been steadily building the past few weeks as it gets closer to holiday time, god knows what I'll be like on Saturday.  (I have a feeling the eleven hour flight - not to mention the four hour stopover in London - will bring me crashing back to earth tho...)  Once again, if anyone has any San Francisco/LA/New York tips then please share them in the comments.  We have a ton of stuff to do in LA but the other two have some unplanned time still.

I seem to have slightly overestimated the amount of books I need for the trip.  I intended to buy maybe four and borrow Game of Thrones from my co-worker but the charity shops had some good deals on and I just couldn't choose so... I have eight now.  This little pile only cost £2.30 though so no guilt!  Mother's only bringing two books and she's a bigger reader than me so we can share them.

Has anyone read any of them?  I've wanted to read Jurassic Park and Pride and Prejudice for ages, and we talked about seeing Wicked in New York so I may as well know the story first.  Dragon Rider was a happy find since I loved Inkheart (the two sequels not so much - the ending annoyed me so much!), and Lucy recommended some American themed Bill Bryson books for me, which I knew I wouldn't have any trouble finding - his books all seem to be very popular in my favourite charity shops, not sure if that's a good or bad thing?  I've read all Maggie O'Farrell's past books and had mixed opinions on them, but I've been looking forward to Instructions For A Heatwave so that was a lucky find.  And Brooklyn cause I've heard good things and...I'm going to NYC...lots of themed reading here!  I'm not sure which way Game of Thrones will go but I have a plan to start it soon in case I'm not fussed on it and get stuck with nothing to read on the flight.  I absolutely hate having nothing to keep me busy, meaning my bag usually has an array of reading and knitting stuff on a trip of any length (or for work, or the doctors, or car ride...).   Hence the overpreparedness...


Saturday, 2 November 2013

A week in outfits...

cardigan - M&S via charity shop
dress - Monsoon
shoes - M&S via car boot sale
This dress was one of those finds where you just know that the thing you've picked up is completely perfect for you.  I love the fit, the fabric, the colour, the length, it's all good!  The cardigan I bagged in the charity shop near Mother's place a few weeks ago.  I spotted it, told her 'it's just like that jumper in the M&S ad!' then realised it was 1980s M&S.  Nice.
tunic - Mango via charity shop
themal top - M&S
leggings - Topshop Tall
Converse - gift
 This top I also found in a charity shop with Mother.  Oversize clothing tends to be a bit hit and miss on me - when I just buy a bigger size it looks ok but when it's actually meant to be oversized I look a bit drowned.  But I love it and it's so cosy and it has pockets, so it's staying for now!
blouse - Berketex via charity shop
skirt - BHS via charity shop
brogues - Brantano
I got a new (old) work blouse on my amazing charity shop trip in Edinburgh, hence the picture of a slightly-more-exciting-than-usual work outfit.  Once again, it's too big but I love it.  This motto is reflected in about half my wardrobe contents I think...  Mother got me the brogues a few weeks ago - I had to go up a whole size but they're a nice narrow fit for a change.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Friday Films - Best and Worst

Well I'm sure you can guess which is the best and which is the worst of the week...  I actually only saw one hidiously bad film this week, the rest were all very average, so I guess that's good as far as my  usual track record goes. 

So the best - Thor: The Dark World.  It was FANTASTIC.  A good follow on to Avengers Assemble (with mercifully few references to it), a lively adventure story and my favourite 'Is Loki good or bad?' theme.  AND Chris O'Dowd popped up.  And Lady Sif of Asgard seemed to be channelling Lady Mary of Downton, which I just loved. 
And the worst...Ender's Game.  I just watched this on Friday cause I had most of my work done and we had no other new releases, otherwise I'm not sure I would have bothered.  It was just...bad.  Bad acting, bad writing, bad storyline. I'm almost glad I didn't bother to read the book first, although I've heard there were a few changes made to the original story.  And the end - I saw what was coming a mile off and my co worker was thoroughly confused by the whole thing.  Avoid.

What's everyone been watching this week?

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