Saturday, 2 November 2013

A week in outfits...

cardigan - M&S via charity shop
dress - Monsoon
shoes - M&S via car boot sale
This dress was one of those finds where you just know that the thing you've picked up is completely perfect for you.  I love the fit, the fabric, the colour, the length, it's all good!  The cardigan I bagged in the charity shop near Mother's place a few weeks ago.  I spotted it, told her 'it's just like that jumper in the M&S ad!' then realised it was 1980s M&S.  Nice.
tunic - Mango via charity shop
themal top - M&S
leggings - Topshop Tall
Converse - gift
 This top I also found in a charity shop with Mother.  Oversize clothing tends to be a bit hit and miss on me - when I just buy a bigger size it looks ok but when it's actually meant to be oversized I look a bit drowned.  But I love it and it's so cosy and it has pockets, so it's staying for now!
blouse - Berketex via charity shop
skirt - BHS via charity shop
brogues - Brantano
I got a new (old) work blouse on my amazing charity shop trip in Edinburgh, hence the picture of a slightly-more-exciting-than-usual work outfit.  Once again, it's too big but I love it.  This motto is reflected in about half my wardrobe contents I think...  Mother got me the brogues a few weeks ago - I had to go up a whole size but they're a nice narrow fit for a change.


  1. I particularly like the first outfit, I do love a floaty dress. And I'm just a teeny bit jealous that it makes you look/emphasises how tall you are! xx

  2. I really love the checked tunic. If I wear something baggy like that, I look about 9 months pregnant, so I'm pretty jealous!


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