Friday, 1 November 2013

Friday Films - Best and Worst

Well I'm sure you can guess which is the best and which is the worst of the week...  I actually only saw one hidiously bad film this week, the rest were all very average, so I guess that's good as far as my  usual track record goes. 

So the best - Thor: The Dark World.  It was FANTASTIC.  A good follow on to Avengers Assemble (with mercifully few references to it), a lively adventure story and my favourite 'Is Loki good or bad?' theme.  AND Chris O'Dowd popped up.  And Lady Sif of Asgard seemed to be channelling Lady Mary of Downton, which I just loved. 
And the worst...Ender's Game.  I just watched this on Friday cause I had most of my work done and we had no other new releases, otherwise I'm not sure I would have bothered.  It was just...bad.  Bad acting, bad writing, bad storyline. I'm almost glad I didn't bother to read the book first, although I've heard there were a few changes made to the original story.  And the end - I saw what was coming a mile off and my co worker was thoroughly confused by the whole thing.  Avoid.

What's everyone been watching this week?


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  1. Enders Game has to be one of my guys favorite books and he's already on the fence about the film. Even something in the trailer never happened in the book. I'm actually starting to dread going to see it!


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