Sunday, 30 June 2013

Denim and stripes...

shirt - New look Tall (here)
vest - Topshop
trousers - River Island
shoes - M&S (here)
necklace - New Look
I'm really loving my striped trousers this weather - they're great for those windy-but-not-quite-cold days when you don't really feel like exposing your legs...  I wore them to Glasgow last week and on the way back a random guy on the train complimented me - which was nice since he was smiling at me in a slightly creepy way before that!  (I'm suspicious of everyone, such a terrible trait.)
I decided I need to start wearing jewellery again.  This necklace is great for brightening up an outfit without overpowering it, perfect for my recent notions to wear nothing but the most casual of clothes everywhere...

I wore this yesterday to go shopping with Mother, then we drove back by a derelict cinema and she noticed people standing in the one window on show.  Cue me on the phone to Moffat, frantically trying to gain us entrance!  He got there before me and met the new owners and they gave us a tour of the ENTIRE PLACE!  It was a real stroke of luck, we're still on a high today.  The place used to be a cinema, then a bingo hall, then a nightclub, but it's been shut for about ten years.  The inside was insane, it was huge!  The club had an Egyptian theme so there were giant Tutankhamun heads on the walls and snakes on the balcony, it was so weird...  The cinema structure is still very much intact though, which we were pleased to see.  The new owners are looking to turn part of it into a restaurant at the moment, with a view to re-opening the cinema in a few years.  Obviously we're thrilled about that!  Moffat took some pictures so I'll try and get copies...


Saturday, 29 June 2013

At the railway museum...

...well, kinda.  The railway museum was closed that day.  But there was plenty of nosing around to be done outside....


Friday, 28 June 2013

Friday Films - Lately at the Movies...

These ones I watched at work - I wouldn't necessarily have gone to see World War Z but it wasn't the worst thing ever.  In fact I was vaguely interested in the story until it descended into stupidity in the second half.  Man of Steel was AMAZING.  Now, I'm not a huge superhero fan, and everyone else I've talked to about it has been all 'meh it was alright...' but I loved it.  The darkness, the visuals, the Smallville references...  Fab.  Despicable Me 2 was another great watch.  I'm not really a fan of kids movies either - having grown up in an era of Disney/Steven Spielberg epics, all the computerized froth that's served up these days doesn't really appeal.  Nor do the inevitable sequels.  But, ya know, I worship Steve Carell, and we've been playing the minion-heavy trailers forever at work ('I am the leagues director, Silas Ramsbottom.' 'Hehe, bottom.' *dead*), so I duly sat down and checked it.  Guys, it's really funny!  Gru dancing...I cracked up.  Any little thing the minions did...cracked up all over again.  But see it on a weekday, we were super busy and chock full with kiddies on Saturday :/
Ok yeah, I saw Gatsby for the third time.  And I would have seen it a fourth if we didn't drop it when WWZ was released.  It definitely grew on me, what a movie.  The Purge, on the other hand...  Definitely the biggest amount of sh*t I've seen in a while, what a stupid story and completely predictable execution.  The Admission, while not nearly as bad as The Purge, wasn't even in the region of good either.  Tina Fey in anything remotely dull seems unlikely but that's what happened - I couldn't even remember most of the movie by the time we left :/

Have you guys seen any of these?  Share your reviews!


Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Deeper into the Scottish wilderness...

Remember that time Leanne and I went exploring in the woods?  We said we'd go again when the weather got nicer, and take a picnic with us.  Well, the weather didn't really get nicer, but we made plans for another trip down anyway, dragging along Kirsty and some rather fancy sparkly juice from M&S (I was pretending to be posh, which was slightly ruined by the two giant bags of crisps I bought at the same time...).  It was a bit overcast but warmish, so I managed to get my shoes off and have a paddle in the shallow pool above the waterfall.  Funnily enough, no-one joined me...
 We found a tree covered in carvings - this one was from 1975!
Now we're just waiting for the nice weather to return so we can go another visit - the place is a real sun trap when the clouds disappear!


Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Rowan Magazine 53

Santorini - Bubblegum - Kefalonia
Rather unusually for me, I recently bought Rowan knitting magazine.  Most of my patterns come from charity shops, eBay or Mother's stash, so buying a book of new ones seemed like a big extravagance treat!  I couldn't resist after I looked at the contents online though - look at all the pretty things you can make!  I love all the floral patterned bits and the sixties-esque graphic designs and the sweet candy-coloured sweaters.  

I want to swan around the garden in the floral t-shirt (sans weird looking sleeves) and go on movie dates in the polka dot sweater (to the drive-in in the 1950s obviously).  I want to sail my friend's boat in the nautical striped jumper and walk the beach with that zig-zag scarf wrapped around me.  I want to go to a wedding in the country in the floral cardigan and wear the block pattern vest with my vintage shorts and loafers whilst shopping at a farmers market.  What I actually NEED is to get my imagination in check apparently...
Lambretta - Beehive Wrap (free!) - Pixie
Did anyone else buy it?  Which are your favourite designs?


Monday, 17 June 2013

A little bit of house history...

I went to see my brothers new house this weekend - correction, I went there at the end of my run to use the shower (Mother only has a bath and I can't deal with that after sweating) and decided I had to return a few hours later with my camera.  He and his girlfriend have stripped the whole place back, so I wanted to capture some of the old features before they're gone in a wave of modernization.  I was offered the dressing table above but I've no space for it, gutted. 
My mum was horrified when they painted the kitchen cabinets black but I thought it was cool - they've opened the kitchen up a bit so it's nice and light now, which helps balance the dark paintwork.
This was found under the wallpaper in one of the downstairs bedrooms, along with various other writings.  It reads 'At this time The Monkees were at No 1 with I'm a Believer' - in the UK this was in January 1967!
The previous owner had a collection of model trains upstairs so one of the rooms was filled with shelving and old units.  That's where I found the below treasure...
 A Tesco bag from 1981!  I love old stuff like this, especially since I had no clue Tesco was that old!
This bench belonged to the previous owners mum so we're guessing it's rather old.  Michael is planning to restore it eventually, but it's a nice wee feature in the half-knocked-down garden at the moment though.

I gave Mic my compact camera so hopefully I can post a few updates from time to time.  I like seeing how it's all coming apart before being pulled back together!


Sunday, 16 June 2013

Faff Favourites

I visited the Riverside Museum in Glasgow again this week and got soaked several times that day - why couldn't the architects have been considerate enough to build it closer to the train line?  God.  (More pictures in this post if you really want to explore more!)  It was fun though, especially the part where we went to the cinema to dry off see The Iceman afterwards.

I've been at Mother's this week so I found lots of lovely links to share!

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Awesome things to do this summer - kinda like last years Super Summer!

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Gorgeous vintage beach pictures!

I want to explore this old school and this resort in the Catskills

This blog post about running is genius (and all true)

50 Things That Look Just Like Your Childhood

I also guest posted about one of my wardrobe obsessions over on Sophie's blog this week - check it out!


Saturday, 15 June 2013

This Week I...

 ...sat on the balcony after a nice wee walk with Leanne.  I didn't even mind going to work at night since I was all relaxed (and I correctly assumed it would be dead thanks to the weather :))

...ran outside twice!  For someone who used to be a terrible outside runner, I've been bitten by the bug lately.  It's far less boring when you've got mansions to look at and know you have to keep running since you're so far from home.
...visited my brothers new place.  He and his girlfriend have bought a house!  The pressure is now off me to be the mature one ;)  It's been completely stripped back but it's a great place, plenty of space thanks to the previous owner knocking two houses into one.

...broke my phone screen when it stopped working and I 'accidentally' hurled it at the wall.  I'm back to the old one - exactly the same but slower, wayhey... (hint, never trust HTC to give you a stress free phone experience.)
...looked up in a museum to see THIS staring back at me!  Bloody seagulls...

...sat in awe (and floods of tears) the whole way through Man of Steel.  It might be one of the best things ever.  I'm still trying to decide if it beats Les Miserables as my favourite movie this year...


Thursday, 13 June 2013

A trip to Glasgow Necropolis

Last week I paid a visit to the Glasgow Necropolis when I was looking for a way to kill some time before seeing Populaire (which was sweet and very French).  It was rather amazing.  For anyone that's not been, the Necropolis is the cemetery behind Glasgow Catherdral, another place I've somehow not been.  I'm not sure how it took me this long to visit but it was fantastic - there was so much to look at, not least the view of Glasgow from the top of the hill.
I had such a hard time choosing which picture to use on Three Coasts, everywhere I turned there was another perfectly framed moment just waiting to be captured.  I love how that one turned out though, it's probably my favourite of the bunch.
This turned out to be the back of the Glasgow Royal Infirmary - it was immense!

Has anyone been?  Besides Craig and Mila anyway ;)


Wednesday, 12 June 2013

May in Books

Yeah...I only read three books last month.  All from the same series.  Well this will be a short review!  I read His Dark Materials years ago and completely fell in love with them - the adventure, the mystery, the multi-layered characters, the ending (OMGCRY!)...  I must admit I wasn't quite as bowled over the second time around.  I remembered hardly anything from my first read so a repetitive story wasn't the issue, it was more that the whole thing seemed a bit slow and plodding at points, especially in the second book, although I think that's true of a lot of trilogies.  It's still an amazing series though - Philip Pullman is far superior to a lot of Young Adult writers out there and has a great way of making everything sound intriguing and creating pictures in your head through his descriptions.  I probably won't read them again (in fact I gave my copies to a girl at work who had never heard of them, what?!) but I'm glad I gave them another read from an adult perspective.

Has anyone read His Dark Materials?  Or any other Philip Pullman books?  I loved The Broken Bridge too.

(Keep up with what I'm reading on Goodreads!)


Tuesday, 11 June 2013

A week in outfits

So it turns out I haven't done one of these posts since April!  Apparently my increase in picture taking lately hasn't stretched to getting out the tripod (or wearing interesting outfits - my wardrobe revolves around work and Cubs gear at the moment, not particularly exciting...).  Although I've actually been wearing summer clothes this week, it's been so warm, woohoo!  And I won't complain about having to epilate my legs weekly if only the temperatures stay that way...

The above outfit has all my recent Most Worn pieces - a blouse and skirt from the charity shop and my new favourite shoes from M&S.  Oh and the Best Summer Scarf Ever.  It's a giant Tie Rack one I got in my fave charity shop for 50p a few years ago and it's great for keeping my shoulders covered when I've forgotten the suncream.
shirt - New Look Tall (here)
dress - charity shop
Converse - TK Maxx
belt - Target kids
This outfit was worn to the festival - the shirt is much lighter than on the website for some reason but I still like it.  I suspect it will be good for layering with jumpers when the weather cools down again (not for months yet please!).
top - H&M
skirt - charity shop
shoes - Minnetonka
I got this top in H&M last year and didn't quite know what to do with it - I love the style but it's a little short for wearing with jeans.  I think it works ok with my favourite skirt though...


Thursday, 6 June 2013

Challenge 18 & 19

Challenge 18 - Have an internet-free weekend.
This one wasn't hard to do since we took the cubs to camp this past weekend.  It was so exhausting I barely had time to glance at my phone before I rolled into bed at night.  But fun, lots of fun!  We had a campfire, learned canoeing, archery, climbing high ropes and various other things, and the boys taught me a vast array of rude songs and how to make a tree fort.  Who says learning stops when you leave school? ;)
Challenge 19 - Hang something new on the wall.
This one involved some slight cheating since I live in a rented place and shouldn't really be hanging stuff on walls...  My friend donated her old desk to me last week so I moved my noticeboard on top of it and made a sort of background to gaze at when I'm procrastinating over getting stuff done.  A rare occurence, obviously.

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