Friday, 27 December 2013

A Scottish Secret Santa...

Before Christmas I took part in the Scottish Bloggers Network Secret Santa in order to find more bloggers closer to home.  I sent my gift to Catherine at Cat Hearts and got a lovely parcel from Alana at Alana Gets Healthy, who clearly had a good look at my blog and sent me a very suitable pile of goodies - wool and chocolates!  I've been knitting hats again lately after my friends started requesting them (I really must stop bragging about how I can knit in the round now, it's just making my project list grow!) so these pretty colours will come in handy for that.
Did anyone else take part in the swap?  Leave me you links below!


Thursday, 26 December 2013

An update of sorts...

So's been a while!  The past two months seem to have been a constant whirl of movement and plans and obligations, so I'm hoping now that the year is almost at an end things will calm down a bit.  I normally spend a lot of January and February hibernating in my pjs so I'm gearing up for that now.  And maybe I'll finally get the chance to share pictures from California and New York, and all the wee day trips and random moments since.  Trying to get back into a routine after the holiday was hard, and I've still not quite managed it.  Generally I treat the new year as a bit of a 'start over' (any excuse to put off eating better for a few more days ;)), and I think it'll help my frame of mind to be back to normal soon.  

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and some lovely time off, always the best medicine at this time of year!

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