Thursday, 29 May 2014

Constructing a practical summer wardrobe...

I finally got a chance to catch up on some shopping the other day when I was off - mostly I just needed some vests and some boring things like toiletries and food, but obviously it turned into a proper, all morning outing.  As usual I made the mistake of going into H&M, where buying two vests turned into trying on half the shop and buying various tops and trousers for work.  Enough now Elise, enough.  I got the red vest for £1 in the sale though!  I suspect it might be a PJ top since the fabric is quite soft and prone to stretching as the day goes on, but it'll be good for layering up.  The heart print jeggings were on sale for £7 and the trousers reminded me of my favourite striped ones, so they had to come home with me too.  Luckily I can wear whatever I like to work, but with my office prone to being a bit cold I've mostly been sticking to trousers and jeans (for some reason I feel a bit ridiculous wearing black tights when it's meant to be summer...).
These colours pretty much sum up my entire wardrobe - lots of neutrals with the odd deep red or purple thrown in.
Also from the H&M sale was thing.  I love it on but it's a little shorter than my black slip so I think I'll fuss about a bit with it and see what will go.  It's shorter than I'd wear with bare legs anyway so I'll have a few months to figure it out.  The Wallis blouse and Monsoon dress were from the charity shop - both are three sizes bigger than I'd normally wear, the joy of random charity finds!  I had some good luck with the Monsoon dress - another girl had it at the counter but was swithering about buying it, so when she put it down and left I circled round and grabbed it.  
Here's the boring part - I finally got some new running clothes!  My last two pairs of leggings got binned at the end of last summer after a good few years of use, so it was off to TK Maxx for some new ones.  Trying to find the right length is always a pain for me but I managed to get a pair of long leggings and two short pairs, plus a top for under £50.  I even persuaded myself to try a (kind of) patterned pair...
More bargains!  I was on the lookout for a plain scarf and one I could tie round my hair when we go camping, to hide the fact that we haven't been near the showers in a while...  I scored on both items, and even discovered when I got home that the red one is a wool/silk mix from Jigsaw.  50p well spent!  And my last bargains - a guide to Britain filled with maps and interesting places to visit, and a book I'd been about to order in the library.  I definitely had good karma that day!



  1. Love your charity shop bargains - I've been quite excited that there's a new one in town adn it's a lot more reasonably priced than the other local ones.

    1. Ooh those are the best kind, hope you find lots of goodies! :)


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