Tuesday, 10 June 2014

A trip to Seton Collegiate Church

The trip to Seton Church turned out to be a rather nice surprise - we were on our way to Dirleton Castle (more on that soon) and saw a sign for the church on the way.  Being of the mindset that it wouldn't cost us anything and we could tick another place off the list (and get a stamp for our membership book - we're very into that), we decided to pull in and have a look.  I'm really glad we stopped because it was a lovely building and the woman there was so nice and helpful.  Actually I should have mentioned by now that all the Historic Scotland staff we've met so far have been so lovely and knowledgeable and very into telling you all the history of the site they're working at.  And bonus points for most of the sites being dog friendly - Parsnip has become as cultured as we have along the way!

Anyway, Seton was built by a very wealthy family who lived in the (unfortunately private) building next door.  It had a few additions over the years but is now basically hollow.  There were ruined monks quarters in the grounds too, and it was blissfully quiet just wandering around.  We didn't stay long but it was a good place for an interlude in the drive.  And it had a funny little toilet block that I took a liking to, in case anyone's wondering about that picture...



  1. Not enough Parsnip here!

  2. These photographs are so beautiful. I love a ruined building, and old churches, so this would be right up my street.

    1. Thanks! It was really cool, love that it was a bonus stop! :)


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