Monday, 23 June 2014

A trip to the west coast of Scotland - Eigg and Mallaig again

Day five of the holiday, and we took a much shorter walk to another beach, then walked back to the village, stopping for the best ice cream I've ever had (made in the kitchen of one of the locals and served in her front garden) and to admire the beautiful blue waters of the harbour.   We had a last paddle in the sea before catching the boat back to Arisaig.  We collected the car and drove up to Mallaig, where we stayed in another lovely hotel and ate an amazing dinner - Tam had a fisherman's lunch platter, so much fish and cheese!  I got excited in the morning when I found tiny jam in the dining room, then we packed up and headed home via Fort William.  We stopped there for a wander, found a fab secondhand bookshop and bought pic n mix in a cute sweet shop.

And that's our holiday!  I still can't pick a favourite place - although Tam won't stop talking about moving over to Eigg and becoming self sufficient.  I have to keep pointing out his lack of business plans, but I quite like the idea myself...



  1. Stop telling people I'm a hippy :p

    1. Well you can't call me one since I cut my hair off so... :p

  2. Argh, this looks amazing! I've been living in Glasgow for 4 years and hardly seen any of Scotland, this summer I am determined to change that and these pictures are definitely the encouragement I need.
    Joy // The Harpy


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