Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Finished Knitting - The Tom Weir hat

First things first - I guest blogged over on Bryony's blog this week, all about my slice of seaside, so take a look if you want to know more about where I'm from.  Ah!  But not where I live now, because I'm moving tomorrow!  I'm gonna schedule a couple of posts for this week so I can concentrate on unpacking, my favourite thing...  Anyway, on to my main point.

I completed a nice quick knit this week.  Tam asked me ages ago to knit him a Tom Weir bobble hat but I slightly forgot about it until I entered a competition to win a Weir's Way DVD boxset and won!  Which was very exciting and prompted Tam to remind me of my promise.  So off I went.  Luckily I'd just bought some red wool and finding a basic rib pattern was no problem so it knit up really quickly.  

I used the St Mungo's Orange Bobble Hat pattern (PDF) with a couple of modifications - as I was using DK wool and knitting on the round I followed those instructions, but because my hat was for an adult man (the pattern claims to fit a child) I went up to 4.5mm needles and made the ribbing and stocking stitch sections longer by about an inch each.  It fit perfectly, which makes a change!  I did originally start on 4mm needles but after missing a section and having to rip it back, I checked the gauge and decided to go up.  

The bobble I made in two minutes with my trusty pompom maker (I used the Clover medium sized green one) and some leftover cream speckled wool - I had to go for cream instead of white to avoid any Santa comparisons!  Although Mother already got one in...  I'm doing more baby knitting now then some charity knitting - I want to knit more of these hats, plus some Christmas decorations and do some wee hats for the Big Knit this year.
Tom Weir picture from here
Who wore it best, me or Tom?!  There you have it, a Tom hat for my Tom :)


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